React Native Developer interview questions

Interview questions from a React Native dev

There are also several third-party libraries that provide more advanced error handling capabilities, such as redux-saga-catch or unfetch. These libraries can be used to centralize error handling, log errors, and provide more robust error handling functionality. The componentWillMount() method is called just before a component is about to mount to the DOM. Use this method to set up initial state, perform data fetching, or to initialize any other logic that needs to be performed before the component is mounted to the DOM. In the example above, the RootStack is created using the createStackNavigator method from the react-navigation-stack package. The RootStack manages two routes, Home and Details, which are represented by the HomeScreen and DetailsScreen components.

  • State is placed in a single component while properties are read-only for their component.
  • It’s important to understand the lifecycle methods of React Native components, as they can be used to perform various actions at specific times in the lifecycle of a component.
  • This leads to an increase in the application’s performance by reducing the number of elements manipulations.
  • It’s critical to remember that the asynchronous bridge between JavaScript and native code is necessary.
  • This technology is supported by some of the biggest players in the market as well.
  • With these steps, you have implemented a basic long press and drag gesture in React Native using the PanResponder API.

A component can only expand to fill the available space if its parent has dimensions greater than 0. To make flex work, the parent element must have some width set to it then only flex property will evenly distribute available space. Otherwise, the element will consider width equal to zero and will not be visible on UI. Along with flex property, alignItems and justify-content CSS properties are also used to design mobile UI. The size of the element is calculated based on the size of content, padding, border, margin.

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Want to upskill further through more interview questions and resources? When the user touches the button in the example above, a platform-specific alert will be displayed. The React Native framework’s Alert component displays the platform-specific modal. Want to practice coding interview questions and answers for your upcoming tech interview? Interview questions at React Native could range from the benefits of using React Native to the tools required to build an app in RN. We can investigate this by profiling the app’s heap memory usage in either Xcode or Android Studio.

React Native Developer interview questions

But even then, it is relatively much cheaper than building 2 native apps. React Native has been developed in such a way that the iOS and Android logic is different. So the platforms can still share their functionality even when they look or behave differently. Correctly formulated React Native developer interview questions spend your time and shorten the process. You need to set the global state in your component and top-level functions, which will allow you to update the states.

What are the advantages of using React Native?

Once the library has been installed and linked, you can import it into your React Native app and start using it. To use a third-party library in a React Native app, you need to first install it using npm or yarn. Finally, you need to attach the PanResponder to your component so that it can respond to gestures. You can do this by using the panHandlers prop on the component that you want to respond to gestures. The code that might throw an error is placed in the try block, and the catch block contains the code that will handle the error. Similarly, I can use the same high order function to generate a triple function which takes the number as argument and return three times the number.

React Native Developer interview questions

It provides an easy-to-use and customizable solution for navigation between different screens or pages in your app. You can use the data returned from the GraphQL query to render dynamic content in your app, such as a list of items or a detail page for a specific item. This helps to ensure that your app is working correctly and is ready for release to users. This is a high-level overview of the structure of a React Native application. The entry point of a React Native app is a JavaScript file that sets up the environment and starts the application.

Do we use the same code base for Android and iOS?

React Native is for mobile apps and React is for websites (frontend). React Native is a cross-platform development framework, which means you can write pretty much the same code for both IOS and Android and it will work. The state is another way of modifying a react component apart from the props function. Unlike props, the state value of React component changes in the component’s life cycle. We should use the setState method of the React framework to change the state of a component. The benefits of having one or more React Native developers in the company are undeniable.

These basic React Native interview questions for experienced and freshers alone will help you crack the interview questions on React Native and give you an edge over your competitors. So, in order to succeed in the interview, you need to prepare with these React technical interview questions on a regular basis. React uses Keys to identify unique Virtual Elements with their corresponding data driving the UI. They help React to optimise the rendering by recycling all the existing elements in the component.

How do you create basic text input in React Native?

React does this by constructing a tree of React elements and compare it to the previous element tree. This shows React the exact changes that occurred so React can make updates in the necessary places. The developer menu includes some different ways to debug and access debugging tools.

React Native Developer interview questions

This question provides insight into your ability to recognize and adapt to these differences, ensuring a smoother development process and better user experience. As a React Native Developer, you are expected to create high-quality, efficient, and maintainable code. Automated testing plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and stability of the applications you build. Interviewers want to know if you have experience implementing testing strategies, using relevant testing tools, and following best practices in the React Native ecosystem. This demonstrates your commitment to delivering top-notch applications and your ability to work in a fast-paced, agile development environment.

There are options to remotely debug the application via chrome browser. It will make the application a little slow but it is a good addition to enhance the development experience of the developer. The importance of debugging can be understood by the fact that debugging is also considered as a skill in software development. If a developer has a good debugging skill then there are chances and code will be of better quality and very well tested.

Also, the bridge connects threads such as JS and Shadow, creates asynchronous bidirectional links between the thread and the module. Properties or props are parameters that we use to configure the component during creation or visualization. Props are immutable and cannot be changed due to the influence of the parent component. It managed to achieve a declarative approach to interface development without sacrificing performance and you pay for one app, receiving two. The new trend of paying for less, getting more captures more and more supporters every year.