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OpenAI GPT-5: Release Date, Features, AGI Rumors, Speculations, and More

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GPT-4 has already been shown to outperform GPT-3.5 when it comes to answering exam questions written for humans. Most notably, the new model achieved a score that sits in the 90th percentile for the Uniform Bar Exam. Pretty impressive stuff, when we compare it to GPT-3.5’s very low, 10th percentile score. But OpenAI is involved in at least one lawsuit that has implications for AI systems trained on publicly available data, which would touch on ChatGPT. Several tools claim to detect ChatGPT-generated text, but in our tests, they’re inconsistent at best.

We’d expect the same rules to apply to access the latest version of ChatGPT once GPT-5 rolls out. The new generative AI engine should be free for users of Bing Chat and certain other apps. However, we might be looking at search-related features only in these apps. The feature that makes GPT-4 a must-have upgrade is support for multimodal input. Unlike the previous ChatGPT variants, you can now feed information to the chatbot via multiple input methods, including text and images.

Will my conversations with ChatGPT be used for training?

Besides, rumors predict that Chat GPT 4 will be released by the end of March 2023. However, the official release date is yet to be announced by the company. Open AI is working on a new language model, GPT 4, to replace GPT 3.5. Though Open AI has not shared many details, the new model is anticipated to be multimodal and Chat GPT 4 Release Date will be out soon. ChatGPT can be used unethically in ways such as cheating, impersonation or spreading misinformation due to its humanlike capabilities. Educators have brought up concerns about students using ChatGPT to cheat, plagiarize and write papers.

At launch, the company was entirely a non-profit venture with the ambitious mission of developing an artificial general intelligence (AGI) that benefits all of humanity. By combining reinforcement learning with the entire internet, we are at point in history where that is actually possible. Since launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has become a tiered software service, now offering both ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise in addition to the ever-present free version. Many people online are confused about the naming of OpenAI’s language models. To clarify, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot, whereas GPT-4 is a large language model (LLM).

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These can feed into the model’s knowledge, sprinkling in facts or opinions that aren’t exactly full of truth. Equally, the model can generate incorrect information, getting answers wrong or misunderstanding what you are trying to ask it. While GPT-3 has made a name for itself with its language abilities, it isn’t the only artificial intelligence capable of doing this. Google’s LaMDA made headlines when a Google engineer was fired for calling it so realistic that he believed it to be sentient.

  • Yet little has been said about ChatGPT’s origins, or the strategy behind it.
  • There are defining moments in time when tools are created that change the way we live or work forever.
  • “This is a profound moment in the history of technology,” says Mustafa Suleyman.
  • As we wait for Google’s event, all eyes will be on the company for its latest creation in the AI field.
  • Even the sources of information up until that point might themselves have included out-of-date or inaccurate information – after all, the internet is populated with content from millions of uncensored sources.

Chat GPT-4 – an abbreviation for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer – is a chatbot that is sophisticated enough to hold a human-like conversation with real people. On February 7, 2023, the company announced its re-inventing the Bing search with AI. Bing adds a new tab for the Chat feature, which offers the search results in a conversational manner.

How does Bing Chat compare to ChatGPT?

While a free version exists, paid versions are also available known as ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise. Others expressed concern that GPT-4 still pulls information from a database that lacks real-time or up-to-date information, as it was trained on data up to August 2022. The time-gap could make trusting the accuracy of what’s online more difficult. “The real breakthrough will occur, however, when an AI system…contains up-to-date information—ideally updated in real-time or, failing that, every few hours,” says Oliver Chapman, CEO of supply chain specialists OCI. In February 2023, Sam Altman wrote a blog on AGI and how it can benefit all of humanity.

chat gpt launch date

ChatGPT is a language model created to hold a conversation with the end user. A search engine indexes web pages on the internet to help the user find the information they asked for. Therefore, one is not better than the other as they suit different purposes. Currently, users can experience GPT-4 features by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus.

We need to wait and see what OpenAI does in this space and if we will see more AI applications across various multimodalities with the release of GPT-5. Now, it’s expected that OpenAI would reduce hallucination to less than 10% in GPT-5, which would be huge for making LLM models trustworthy. I have been using the GPT-4 model for a lot of tasks lately, and it has so far given factual responses only. So it’s highly likely that GPT-5 will hallucinate even less than GPT-4.

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